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Relationship CPR

Audio & Video Content

Your love CAN be saved. Discover the Relationship Rescue Plan I’ve perfected over the past 40 years by counseling couples in crisis, and breathe new life into your dying relationship.

  • Watching your relationship fall apart is one of the most gut-wrenching experiences you can have in life.

  • It’s heart-breaking to see that a relationship that was once a source of so much joy and comfort has now become a source of pain and disappointment.

  • You hate to admit it, but your relationship is at the breaking point.

  • Your mind keeps telling you to stay and work things out, but your heart wants you to leave.

  • Things haven’t been good between you for quite some time.

  • Your fights have left deep wounds and terrible emotional scars.

  • Or maybe you’ve drifted apart and are now sharing a home without sharing a life. The sex is non-existent or perfunctory.

  • Perhaps you’ve been betrayed. Or have been the betrayer.

  • And now you can’t even talk to your partner anymore. Not without a good deal of eye-rolling or finger-pointing.

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