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Divorced but Still Living Together?


  • Even after making the hard decision to end a relationship, former partners may continue living together for a variety of reasons.

  • Partners who are separated but living together must decide on how to handle new relationships and share resources.

  • Deciding who and how to tell about the new arrangement and navigating a new dynamic can bring ex-partners to their breaking points.

divorce but still living together
Divorce but still living together?

Divorce is not easy for any couple. Because most committed relationships begin with bright promises, the partners do not expect them to fail. But sometimes, after countless attempts to solve their problems and revive their love, one or both can no longer afford the price they are paying.

Once a couple makes the decision to end their relationship, they must then begin the arduous process of navigating that ending. Most separate out all that has bound them together and then move on to lead separate lives.


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