When Love Stumbles

When Love Stumbles

When Love Stumbles
How to Rediscover Love, Trust, & Fulfillment in Your Relationship

It's easy to fall in love. It's a triumph to stay in love. Most couples, filled with the joy of their initial commitment, fail to notice when they begin to drift apart. Sure that their underlying devotion will hold, they allow life’s diversions to dilute the time and energy they once gave so freely to the relationship.

When Love Stumbles identifies the eight most common ways partners drift away from each other, and how they can rekindle the passion they once took for granted. In a series of six easy-to-understand steps, the reader can identify when each individual stumble began and how it has affected the relationship. It shows what steps he or she can take to set things right again, and how those stumble can be avoided in the future.

Gentle and moving stories give the reader places to identify and empathize with others who have stumbled in similar ways, and yet were able to recover the love they once knew. In each chapter, the reader will find easy and intriguing exercises are offered as options to help the process along.

Those who have read this book report that they have begun to recapture tenderness and vulnerability in their relationship. Even when certain stumbles have not yet happened, they find it valuable to identify them in advance so that they are not susceptible. They feel their relationship intimacy has significantly improved.

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